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SEO and SMM Alert- 9/28/12 Edition

Hello from sunny LA!! We’re here at Day 2 for our National Academy of Best-Selling Authors’ Best-Seller’s Summit and Awards Gala. Everything is going GREAT and we’re SO excited for the Gala tonight!

Enjoy this week’s alert!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 9/28/12 Edition

Weekly WordPress Plugin: gtrans
This plugin uses Google Translate to make your site available to the world! It also offers analytics and GTranslate Pro or GTranslate Enterprise which enable you to index translate pages on search engines and more.

The Need to be #1 Reasons Why You Need to Top Google’s Results Page
This article gives useful statistics that highlight the importance of search engine optimization.

Ways Social Media Impacts SEO

Did you know search engines use social media activity to determine the relevance of your site? Find out what Google looks for here.

7 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Make More Money After the Initial Sale

1.Leverage Your Thank You/Confirmation Email
2.Send a Product/Service Feedback Email
3.Recommend Educational Materials
4.Get Active About Upselling and Cross-Selling
5.Use Customer Buying Frequency to Anticipate Reconversions
6.Send Exclusive Deals to Current Customers
7.Use Group Deals or Referral Programs to Bring in New Leads

#Twitter Update: Benefits for Users and Brands
Check out the new update that will make your Twitter account more customizable and consistent with your branding!

4 Socialcam Tricks for Your Small Business
1.Post Often
2.Repurpose Existing Content
3.Encourage Interaction
4.Become a VIP

6 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Likes
1.Go Back to Basics
2.Link Your Blog
3.Be Choosey
4.Create a Competition
5.Suggest to Friends
6.Facebook Advertising

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