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SEO and SMM Alert- 5/31/13 Edition

Happy Friday!!

I saw this quote in my news feed on Facebook the other day…

You don’t always get what you give, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always give your all”

I have heard it before, but I’m not sure it’s really true…  I truly believer you DO get what you give, and usually tenfold. Sometimes it’s just not as speedy as you like or in the form of what you were expecting.

We recently put out an ad in Inc Magazine for our services and although we have not seen the immediate ROI  that we would have liked (myself, Nick and my father are immediate gratification kind of people), when we talked about the ad not working we forgot that not only do magazines have a shelf life but is there someone that signed up on our mailing list from the ad and just isn’t ready to buy yet or did we potentially get on the radar of a future customer… probably.

With all marketing that you do tracking the ROI is super important, but don’t forget the long-term ROI it may have.

Just like the quote above… it  just may not be an immediate gratification or the ROI that you were thinking.

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Enjoy this week’s alert!


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