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SEO and SMM Alert- 2/8/13 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 2/8/13 Edition

Weekly WordPress Plugin: Feedweb

Expose your blog to the Feedweb readers’ community. Promote your views. Get a comprehensive and detailed feedback from your readers.

7 Tips for Making your Blog a Marketing  Magnet

Do you have a business blog?

Are you happy with the marketing role your blog plays?

Many businesses consider blogs "a cost of doing business," or code for "We’re not sure what it does but we’re afraid to stop doing it."

The 7 Habits of Content Brands that Dominate

Can you hear that sound? It’s the sound of a million fingertips clicking against keyboards, pumping out the tsunami of content that’s about to bury the public. The modern consumer is immune to infomercials and jingles, and all the search and social ads are starting to wear thin.

4 Things New Site Owners Need to Understand about SEO

  1. SEO Is Long Term
  2. Always put Your visitors before the search engines
  3. There is no secret to SEO success
  4. Link building is Forever

Content Marketing: Dance like Nobody’s Watching

Signs of good content.. complete with a story anyone can relate to!

Top Social Media Mistakes, According to the Experts

Nearly 90% of U.S. companies are using social media, according to eMarketer. Clearly, we’ve come a long way since the days when businesses debated if they should be participating in social media. Now, it’s about how businesses are using social and whether those efforts are effective.

Effectively Building  Your Fan Base

You can’t build your brand without having a fan base. You need to get people to connect with you and become loyal to your brand and your products and/or services. If you have integrity, honesty and credibility, you’ll