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Repurposing content


Are your archives full of blogs, PowerPoint presentations, and other media that are just collecting dust, despite it’s continued relevancy?

Older content may not be ready to be put to rest just yet; consider repurposing it for a new post.

What content is fit for repurpose? First, it must be evergreen, meaning that it is still relevant and likely to stay relevant through time. Second, was it popular the first-go round? Could it help even more people? And finally, do you have something more to say about a topic that you posted about months ago? Now could be the perfect time to elaborate.

Ways to repurpose evergreen content:


  1. Create new blogs and articles. Create a “spin-off” of different points made throughout. A new article could go into further detail of helpful information that was only touched upon the first time around.
  2. Create a presentation. Did a piece have a lot of interesting statistics or a quote that really stood out? Bring more attention to it with a slideshow presentation. Using tools like Slideshare and Canva, you’re able to create visually appealing presentations that you can embed right onto your website with the right plug-ins.
  3. Build an infographic. If a presentation doesn’t seem like the right to go with statistics, create an infographic. You can highlight useful information with appealing imagery. Infographics are also a great way to repurpose and summarize “How-to” tutorials, adding interesting visuals to make the lists more eye-catching.
  4. Turn statistics into tweets. Share some fun facts with your audience via Twitter! A good way to drive traffic to the blog is to enter the stat directly into the tweet with a link to see the post.
  5. Turn a blog post into a podcast or webinar. People may not always have time to read a blog, so a podcast is great way to catch them on the go.

Repurposing your content can be a huge benefit because it is a major time-saver and you also have a new opportunity to reach a new audience. Repurposing also boosts your SEO, especially when you are using the right keywords in your posts.