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Repurpose content on LinkedIn

Do you have some older posts or content ideas that didn’t get their due credit? Repurposing content is growing trend in 2016, many marketers are finding ways to recycle "oldie buy goodie" tips. Sometimes when a post doesn’t get the traffic, putting it on different platforms can boost visibility. Consider LinkedIn.

In 2014, LinkedIn added Pulse to the platform, which gives users a feed of articles based on interests, skills, and likes. As a user of LinkedIn, you are able to post your own content to be seen on your connection’s feed.

  1. Create a LinkedIn account and log in.
  2. Under the "Interests" menu, select "Pulse"
  3. Click "Publish a Post"
  4. Create a headline and write your post
  5. Add embedded links or videos or images (optional)
  6. Click "save" or "publish"

SEO 311

Don’t be afraid to get creative, even in the professional world of LinkedIn. You want to catch the attention of your audience; the headline is the place to do it. You’re also able to add tags to your post, so be sure to include keywords that are commonly used in search engines in relation to your content. If people are searching for similar content, with those keywords, they’re more likely to come across your post. According to a study from January 2016, these different practices helped make a post more successful:

  1. Specific headlines ("Over 55,00 Dental Care Providers. Accepted Guaranteed." Versus "Best Price Dental Care- Without Insurance."
  2. How-to tutorials
  3. Lists posts
  4. Question posts (ex: "Why Publish on LinkedIn?")
  5. Include visuals
  6. Publishing time (when should you publish to find the right traffic?)

Ensure your content is evergreen, meaning that it is sustainable and has lasting relevancy to the readers. That way, even long after its publishing date, it can still turn up in search engines and gain traffic.