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People buy People- please don’t forget your picture in your marketing!

So, it’s that time of year again… we all start receiving massive amounts of both Holiday cards in the mail as well Holiday emails. Today, I was reminded about the importance of a picture.

I, like you, are undoubtedly on countless mailing lists. Way too many to keep up-to-date with them all. So the easiest way to remind me of who you are is with your picture. I may not remember your name, or even what you do necessarily, but if I see your bright and smiling face I’ll probably recognize it. And if I do, I’ll probably listen to what you have to say.

Unfortunately, this afternoon I got a Thanksgiving “greeting card,” which was really just an HTML email- and although it was written well, I have no clue who this person is. There are two very valuable points to make. One, the person does not stay in the forefront of my mind with continued drip pieces and two, no picture.

I encourage you all when sending out not only your Holiday emails and direct mail pieces, but also the typical ones in your business, to include your picture. No, this is not because Nick and I love the way we look :), but rather we know that it builds recognition with who we are and what we do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To your success,