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Website Design

Welcome to CelebritySites! Your website is a lead-generation and brand building tool. It gives your organization the ability to build relationships online and drives business growth. The goal of your site should be to build a relationship with your visitors and generate leads.


Search Marketing

Search marketing refers to the promotion of websites to increase their visibility in search engines. This is what we call “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). And this is how searchers find your products and services on the Internet.


Social Media Management

Social media isn’t about sales pitches, it’s about building the relationship and creating expert content that gives value to the reader.
Social media is about engaging in the activity that is already right there in front of you and becoming a part of the conversation.


Social Media Coaching


Get Your Social Media Questions ANSWERED!

Do you have an in-house social media person but they need a knowledgeable professional that can answer their questions when they get stuck or bounce off new ideas? Or are you looking to do it all yourself and YOU need your questions answered?

We Can Help!


Website Copywriting

CelebritySites highly trained copywriters develop SEO optimized content that speaks directly to the needs of your visitors. Website copywriting is VITAL for the success of your website and should convey key brand messages while stressing the benefits of your services.



Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content in order to attract potential customers. It allows you to separate yourself from other businesses by delivering high- quality, relevant content to your audience.



Email Marketing

Leads are great, but it’s what you do with them after they have “raised their hand” that will change your business. This is where email marketing comes in and your lead nurturing should guide your leads from point of contact until point of sale.



Public Relations

Today Public Relations (PR) goes beyond rational (PR) strategies. PR is now used for third-party verification of your expert status and is nurtured through websites, social media, websites and content marketing.



Facebook Ad Management & Pricing

Facebook Ads Management services designed specifically for small-medium sized businesses. Work with a professional Facebook Ad Strategist, and take your business to the next level.