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Optimizing the Conversion Rate on Your Website

It?s all about the ROI right?

Sure! But on your website, it?s not JUST about making a sale. What about those not ready to buy quite yet? Your website is also there to capture the visitor?s information so that you can consistently market to them until as we say; ?they buy or die.?

So is there a method to the madness with optimizing your conversions?

Absolutely! Have you ever gone into a store with a purchase in mind and just gotten completely overwhelmed by choices and walked out? That happens a lot online too.

Quick Sprout conducted a study to see if too many choices on a website could create a lower conversion rate and found, in this case, ?less is more.?

Here are a few key findings from the study:


  • Out of 100 conversions, the sites that asked for 3 fields of contact information (i.e.: first and last name and email) saw a 25% higher conversion rate over sites with six or more fields (i.e., under a Portfolio menu: Branding, Illustration, Print Designing, Typography, etc.).


  • The number of choices in a drop-down menu also affected the conversion rate. Those with only one option on the menu had a 16% conversion rate over that of a site with four or more options, which had a 14% conversion rate.


  • What you?re asking for deters people from filling out online forms. It was found that if you ask for a telephone number, you could lose up to 5% of the conversion rate. While you need to know the best way to contact someone, limit it to email or less intrusive form of communication.


  • Too many package offerings can make a purchasing decision harder. The magic number lies between 2-6 options. Even Amazon doesn?t show more than six options as a suggested purchase in their ?Customers who bought this, also bought? section. You want to let people know other opportunities are available, but to keep from changing their mind about the purchase.

Are you making some of the above mistakes? Take a look around your site and see where you can afford to make some reductions!

Did you know that outdated website design can ALSO hurt your conversion rate? Not only can outdated code hurt website load times, which can affect conversion rates, but outdated design can too. Just ask CloudSponge about their experience.

The Kissmetrics Blog completed a study on how different businesses worked to improve their conversion rates and reported the case studies: CloudSponge, a company that imports address books to make mass emails more efficient, was seeing a decline in conversions and redesigned their website to be cleaner and more modern. After the makeover, CloudSponge saw a 33% increase in their conversion rate.

If a complete website overhaul may not be the option for you (although if it is, I can help!)? What about the copy on your page? How is the wording, or the call to action? By ensuring your site is using action-oriented phrases, you can also increase your conversion rates.

You?ve heard of the KISS model, right? Keep It Short and Simple. It applies to everything ? including your webpage! Clear your homepage of clutter and make it easier to navigate you?ll see an increased conversion rate. By streamlining your call to action into a simple step, consumers can see what they can get out of your services and understand quickly if it?s right for them, taking the doubt away. People are busy, they don?t have time to play around on pages to find what?s being offered- they just want to know how it affects them. Take a look at the Weather Channel?s website- it used to be a hot mess but has since been cleaned to have one objective: to subscribe and receiver weather updates. Since then, Kissmetrics Blog reports they have seen a 225% increase in conversion.

Gather data on your own sites and test out all the changes that you make to track through split testing. Split testing, also known as bucket testing, is a method of comparing two versions of an webpage against each other to see which one works more efficiently. Many of these studies were conducted through the use of split testing. Services available to assist with the testing include convert.com or optimizely.com. Both offer a free trial along with monthly packages to fit your needs.

Explore the sites you always buy from and ask yourself: what drives you to that purchase? Are you drawn by the images or the customer testimonials? Whatever it is, apply that your site and watch your conversions increase.

By paying attention to your conversion rates, you will be able to fix problems that are deterring new clientele- ones that you may not have been aware of in the first place!

The higher a conversion rate, the better your ROI. Even better than that, having an effective conversion rate will help you reach the right kind of customer: drawing visitors to your page who are in need of your service. Research and testing will help you to determine what works best for your site. Don?t forget to listen to customer feedback and learn what people need out of the website. All of these things can set you up for success on your website and overall busine