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Online Marketing Expert Lindsay Dicks of "CelebritySites.com" Hits Amazon’s Best-Seller List with New Book, "Shift Happens"

Lindsay Dicks, the Online Celebrity Agent, recently hit Amazon.com’s Best-Seller List with her new book, "Shift Happens." In the book, she reveals some of the latest tips for using social media to help maximize your business’ exposure online.

Orlando, Fla. – December 9, 2009 – In collaboration with America’s PremierExperts®, Lindsay Dicks, of www.CelebritySites.com, recently released the book, Shift Happens: America’s PremierExperts® Reveal Their Biggest Secrets to Help You Thrive in the New Economy. America’s PremierExperts® is a group of America’s leading experts in various fields of business. They are celebrity experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.

Shift Happens was released on November 19, 2009. On the day of release, the book was a #1 Best-Seller in the Direct Marketing category. The book also reached the best-seller list in two other categories, the Entrepreneurship category, and the Communications category.

Lindsay Dicks authored a chapter in the book titled, "Don’t Be a Twit: Tweet!" Lindsay is recognized as one of America’s PremierExperts® for her expertise and success in social media and online marketing. CelebritySites® is a boutique Internet marketing and social media agency specializing in promoting businesses through the use of social media.

To order your copy of Shift Happens, please visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/0615322484/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

For more information on Lindsay Dicks and CelebritySites®, please visit http://www.CelebritySites.com

To find out more about America’s PremierExperts™ visit http://www.AmericasPremierExperts.com

About Lindsay Dicks and CelebritySites®:?

CelebritySites®, the online division of the Celebrity Branding Agency®, is a boutique Social Media Agency specializing in helping their clients create a buzz online. Through the use of a proprietary system of tools for marketing, public relations and search engine optimization, they turn websites into sales and marketing systems allowing their clients to leverage online content to create new income streams and maximize revenue. CelebritySites® will improve your website’s exposure and brand recognition and help you profit from your investment by implementing strong search engine optimization techniques.

For more information about CelebritySites® visit www.CelebritySites.com.

About America’s PremierExperts™ LLC:

America’s PremierExperts™ is an organization that recognizes business experts for their willingness to promote free expert content in their field of expertise to consumers and journalists alike, while offering business owners, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, authors, professionals and corporate CEOs exclusive, invitation-only, opportunities for further exposure and growth in the marketplace. JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq., attorneys by trade and entrepreneurs by choice, founded America’s PremierExperts™ and The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™ to honor entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, professional speakers and businesspeople who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole. For more information about America’s PremierExperts™ LLC visit http://www.AmericasPremierExperts.com