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New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017

As a business owner you have many things to juggle on a daily basis, so it makes sense that you might struggle to get all your tasks done every day.

Lucky for you, when it comes to social media management there are new tools being created constantly to help save you time and manage your accounts more effectively. Using social media tools allows more free time for you to engage with your audience and build a connection.

Keep reading to check out five new social media tools to try this year:

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a free social media management tool that helps increase your productivity. Its’ best feature allows you to continually promote your evergreen content through the queue reservoir.

How it works:

Evergreen content is content that does not go out of date. When you post evergreen content to your blog you can then add it to your Queue in Social Oomph and specify how often you want the content shared.

Social Oomph also allows you to create multiple variations of the tweet so that you are not sharing the same tweet every time.

The queue reservoir is a useful feature that saves time and drives more traffic to your site!



 Using images in you social media marketing strategy allows you to capture your audience’s attention and communicate your message more clearly and effectively.

With PosterMyWall you are able to fill your social media content calendar with motivating and appealing visuals that allows your business to stand out. It offers thousands of templates created by professionals, which can save you both time and money.

You are able to share your visuals with all your social media accounts easily with their Design Resize feature, which adjusts the dimensions quickly without having to redesign the entire image.



Video is becoming more and more popular in the social media world. With Rocketium you can create compelling videos with overlaid text that will grab your audience’s attention and help engagement.

You simply upload images and type text, then add motion….it’s that easy! You can choose to publish in different aspect ratios and Rocketium will automatically resize your captions for you making it easier for you to share to all of your favorite social media accounts.

Check out an example here



UpRank is a digital marketing tool that helps expand your reach on the web and mobile.

It analyzes your website and builds a digital marketing strategy for your site in the form of comprehensive tasks. You simply enter your site URL and UpRank analyzes and creates a digital marketing to-do list that also includes a social media marketing strategy that will help improve your reach to your target audience.



Crate is a content curating tool that saves you time by helping you find great content online to share.

You tell Crate keywords and information on what kind of content you’re looking for and within minutes they will have content to share for you. You can then decide to share the content immediately or schedule it to be shared later.


With the help of these social media management tools you are able to save time and focus more on what matters, which is building lasting connections with your audience.

Let us know how you incorporate these tools into your social media strategy!