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Meme Marketing

Have you ever considered thought about meme marketing? Memes are images that reference popular culture with an image and a few lines of text that is virally shared across social media platforms and blogs.  Marketers are turning to memes as a source of pop-culture that appeal to a mass audience

Memes can be a great marketing tool for several reasons:

  1. They’re attention grabbing and easily digestible.
  2. They’re funny and relatable, adding value-content to your strategy.
  3. They’re easy to share and help you stay relevant on social media.
  4. They’re fun and easy to make!

SEO_ 48Memes can be created on Photoshop with an image and text, but if your design skills are lacking, there are many tools available to create a meme for free. Here’s how to generate a meme on imgur.com:

  1. Go to imgur.com
  2. Browse popular memes or, if you already have an image in mind, click "Upload images" at the top of the screen.
  3. Click "Make A Meme" from the dropdown menus
  4. Browse popular meme images and select one to make your own. You can filter by the meme name or upload your own background.
  5. Enter your text and format to your liking.
  6. Click "Make This Meme" on the right (by doing so will be accepting Imgur terms and conditions.)
  7. Share!

Imgur offers the ability to see your meme by link or by downloading it to your library. You’re able to post it to various social media and get the links to share, direct link, and embed it in HTML to add to a website or blog.