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March 4, 2011- Google is using outside human raters.

Just released today it seems that Google is using outside human raters (in part).

Google’s Amit Singhal said they asked raters questions like "Would you be comfortable giving this site your credit card? Would you be comfortable giving medicine prescribed by this site to your kids?"

Matt Cutts said other questions Google asked to establish trust include "Do you consider this site to be authoritative? Would it be okay if this was in a magazine? Does this site have excessive ads?"

So what does this mean to you? This is speculation and interpretation at the moment until we see how it really pans out- but some SEOs think this will knock sites with overloaded with AdSense and other flashy advertisements. We also already know that Google HATES squeeze pages (banned already from PPC)- so I’d pull back from those as well- or keep them on a separate domain.