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Lindsay’s SEO/SMM Alert – April 1 Edition

Direct Marketing: Why Be An "Experience" Business? Because Customer’s Expect It

According to Brian Solis, the future of brand is "experience." Consumers want to have a connection with a brand and using their experiences to improve the organization as whole.

Social Media Is A Behavioral Shift, Not A Broadcast Medium

One of the biggest mistakes made in social media marketing is focusing on the medium, rather than the behavior of the audience. Taking a look at how interactions and communication has evolved can help you decide the best way to reach an audience.

How To Use Trello To Manage Your Facebook Group Posts

Trello is a useful tool to help you get organized on Facebook. Worry less about posting and change your focus to engaging with group members.

Needing Designs On A Better Website?

Sometimes website designs become stagnant over time. Be sure to keep your website evolving to ensure the information is relevant.

3 Keys To Killer Content Strategy

Consider the three "Cs" to gauge the success of your content. All content should be consistent, customizable, and constructive.

Pinterest Debuts Step-By-Step How-to Pins From 25+ Brands To Help Keep Users Around Longer

Are you interested in making your pins buyable? Pinterest is making it easier than ever for marketers to generate revenue with a new "how-to" tool.

How To Manage A Podcast: Tools And A Checklist For Marketers

Are you trying to start a podcast for your website? Social Media Examiner offers a tips and tricks to ensure your strategy is effective and teaches you how to manage podcasts.