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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert—February 19 Edition

5 Social Media Automation Tools That Won’t Make You Look Like A Robot

Automation tools are quite useful on social media, but they also have the tendency to be, well, automatic. Find out how to make the most of out of these tools without losing the humanity in your posts.

Enhance Customer Service With Social Media Engagement

Social media channels are becoming the consumer’s choice to voice a complaint. Find out which brands are succeeding at helping their customers through social media platforms and what you can apply to your strategy.

6 Steps to Updating Your Social Media Profiles During a Rebrand

Are you looking to giving your brand a make-over? You can, even without building brand new social media platforms—here’s how!

12 Incredibly Useful Video Tips to Make Better Videos

Learn how to make your videos better with these tips!

Deep Learning- The End of SEO As We Know It

The way Google is conducting searches may be changing the future. Instead of the algorithmic approach, they are studying a "deep learning" approach for search engine machines.

Friends Don’t Like Other Friends’ Facebook Pages- Here’s Why

Asking friends to like your page…. It seems like the logical way to build an audience for your Facebook page, but is really hurting in the long run. Learn more about Facebook runs its analytics and the best way to build an audience.