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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert — October 30

Snapchat or Instagram? Deciding Which Platform Is Ideal for Your Visual Content

Snapchat and Instagram have the same basic purpose, so which would be better for your brand? Read insights to the two platforms and decide.

Using Reddit to Inspire Fan Activation for Your Brand

We can see from all the discussion about the World Series and start of college football season that fans do a lot of talking on social media. Find out how you can take advantage of the conversations and insert your brand.

How Passion Points Can Make the Difference in a Brand Crisis.

Find out how one brand took a not-so-happy consumer and turned the situation around.

7 Key Facebook Safety Tips

Take a moment to reflect this National Cyber Security Awareness Month and make sure you’re staying safe on Facebook.

Maximize Your Branding With Hashtags on Twitter

Find the delicate balance of when to use hashtags in your Twitter message and how one small symbol can drastically change your marketing efforts.

Optimize Content Sharing On Social Media With WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a very useful tool to promote your brand on social media. Learn the different benefits of adding a plug-in to your content.

Experiential Marketing: How to Engage Your Audience

With the daily expansion of social media and Internet tools, it can be hard to be heard above the noise. Experimental marketing is a tool that can help you to engage with your audience and rise to challenge.

3 Rs of Email Marketing

Despite all the claims otherwise, Email Marketing is still around and still just as important as any other marketing strategies. With the 3 Rs, find out how you can keep you r social media plan useful via email.