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Lindsay?s FAV SEO/SMM Alert ? May 20 Edition

Seven Tips For Improving Your Content Marketing With Scannable Web Content

People jumping to your website are not always reading everything in depth due ot various distractions on the webpage? how can you prevent this? Try writing for ?scanners? by following these tips.


Live Video Will Save Your Content Marketing- Here?s Why

Having great content is becoming harder in the sea of competition. Live video is a growing trend in the social world as marketers try to break free from the mold and get the consumer?s attention.

5 Brand-Building Ways to Use Periscope

Are you looking for ways to add video to your content? Periscope is a useful video tool- learn more about how you can use it to boost your brand.


Google Just Combined Chrome, YouTube, and Search Into A Single Messaging App Called Spaces

When Google+ didn?t have quite the performance power that it needed, Google refocused their efforts into a new app called Spaces. It?s designed to be used for small group conversations and keep users from having to switch between multiple apps.


12 Types of Facebook Live Videos That You Could Create To Help You Grow Your Blog and Business

Are you unsure on what you should be posting on Facebook Live? Here is a list of the different types of videos that can help you reach your target audience.


10 Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2016 (But Probably Aren?t)

Learn about the new up and coming social media apps that can help you with your marketing strategy.


Amazon Launches YouTube- Like Service: This Week in Social Media

Amazon has created a new rival to YouTube, where users can post videos as advertisements; Pinterest strengthens spam detection? and more. Find out what?s been happening in the world of social media.