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Lindsay?s FAV SEO/SMM Alert ? May 13 edition

How The Facebook News Feed Works: Changes Marketers Need To Know

This article touches on how the Facebook newsfeed has changed and shows hoe to stay visible in the sea on content.

Using Twitter?s Improved Analytics Tools For Audience Insight

Understanding your audience is key to any social media strategy. Twitter recently improved their analytical tools, helping marketers to learn more about who their tweets are reaching.

How To Write Better Content For the Web

Writing content to draw in a larger audience can be a challenge to many marketers. How can be sure your content is fit for the web? Read more to find out.

How To Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Are you looking for new ways to offer one-on-one attention with your customers? Discover how to connect and engage with customers with Facebook Messenger.

5 Partnerships That Will Increase Your New Small Business?s Chance For Success

Are you just starting off with your small business? Consider these five options to set you and your business up for success.

Personalizing Your Marketing? You?re Gonna Need Bigger Data

These days, marketers have to work hard to pull away from the masses of marketing that audiences are exposed to every day. Learn how personalization in marketing can boost a strategy.

4 Elements Of A Mobile Strategy That All Marketers Should Pay Attention To

Smartphone technology is such a part of the modern day routine that mobile strategy is a must for today?s marketers.