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Lindsay?s FAV SEO/SMM Alert ? June 10 Edition

Is Pinterest Still Alive & How Are Brands Using It?

Despite all the talk of social media platforms like Instagram and Blab experience maximum growth, don?t forget about Pinterest! Learn how marketers use Pinterest and why.


Here?s Why You?re Throwing Away 90% of Your Traffic

By working with the audience you?ve already built, expand your site with a few trafficking tips.


5 Ways Socially Mature Brands Deliver Great Customer Experience

Learn from the experts the best way to handle customer complaints in the social media age.


5 Common But Killer Pay-Per-Click Mistakes to Avoid

Using Pay-Per-Click strategies can make or break a marketing strategy, but be sure to avoid making these mistakes.


6 Tips for Effective Long Form Blogging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool with the ability to spread blogs to millions of users. This article touches on very successful form of LinkedIn blogs: long-form content.


Snapchat Uncovers Discover

Snapchat has updated their Discover feature by creating a grid of feature brands. Users are now able to subscribe their favorite brands, rather than searching through the discover page to find their favorite stories.


Influencer Marketing is a Collaboration Not a Transaction

Are you considering hiring an Influencer to help you with your media strategy? If so, remember to keep your view authentic for your audience.


Creating Instagram Ads in Power Editor: Your One-Stop Guide

Facebook added another feature their Instagram tool called Power Editor that can help you to target your Instagram ads to reach your audience.