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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – January 29

How To Use Pinterest Analytics to Improve Your Marketing

Knowing how to use the analytics on Pinterest can improve your strategy across the channel. Find out how to boost your Pinterest marketing.

How To Prioritize Your Social Channels in the New Year

There are sure to be new social media channels to discover in the upcoming year, but how do you know what will work for your brand?

The Right Way To Ask For Customer Reviews

Having {positive] reviews on your site is a great way to help customers decide if they want to make a purchase, but what is the line between encouraging and demanding a review.

13 Steps To Take Before Your Business Goes Abroad

Thinking about spanning your business internationally? Here are some things to consider to ensure your success.

How To Fix the Highest Barriers To Engagement

According to this blog, there are five major places in every organization that causes the engagement level to plummet. Find out if your business is falling into the same trap.

Five Reasons Interactive Content Drives Engagement

Everywhere you look there is content, someone trying to sell something. Due to the jaded consumers, marketers now have to try a new tactic: engaging the customer and build relationships.

3 Ways To Help Your Clients Mitigate Click Fraud

Click fraud can be incredibly damaging to an advertising campaign. What are some ways to prevent it from occurring in your business?

6 Social Media WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Are you looking for other tools to grow your blog? Does it need a boost? Consider adding social media plugins to spread the word.