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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – January 22

Do You Know What People Expect from Online Content

Are you staying current with your content and writing something that readers want to know? Take this quiz to find out if your content strategy is up to date with the trends.

Instagram Is Now a Pay-to-Play Platform

A recent study conducted on Instagram concluded that organic postings might not help you reach the following you’re hoping for. Considering Instagram advertising may give you the boost on this platform.

How to Increase Awareness, Generate Leads and Create Advocacy With Social Media

Discover how your business can use social media networks to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and find advocates to your business.

Simplifying Storytelling

Brands all over asking people to "tell their story," a simple task that can be quite overwhelming. With Larry Smith’s theory of "start with six," you’re able to start small and get your story out there.

Building a Modern Brand: Strategy, Creativity and Agility

Nowadays, consumers are looking for the soul of the brand. Does your strategy include the creativity and agility needed to meet the expectations of a consumer?

12 Key Tactics The Pros Use to Become a Serious Blogger

Are you new to the blogger scene? Do you want to know how to be come an influential mind? With these key tactics, you can boost your blog and see results.

Consumers Are Willing To Give Up Some Privacy- For The Right Products

Studies have been conducted to find out what information consumers are willing to share for products and services.

Tools to Optimize Your Social Scheduling When You Need A Break

Sometimes organizing all the social media posts can be daunting and exhausting but there are tools available to help. You can always post- even on your day off!