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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – December 4

8 Creative Ways To Add Christmas Spirit to Your Social Media

Christmas shopping online is a growing trend over the last few years and many shoppers are looking to social media for gift ideas. Get into the holiday spirit to catch the attention potential buyers.

4 Questions to Ask Before Running a Facebook Ad

Identify your target audience with four simple questions before running a Facebook ad.

How To Create An Effective Social Media Campaign

Whether you’re just joining the social media scene or need new ideas to your current campaign, this article offers tips to make your social media more effective.

11 Out Of The World Tips Make Your Mobile App Successful

Are you trying to use a mobile platform? With these tips, you can create a new mobile app with ease.

5 Essential Infographic Design Tips for Content Marketers

Are trying to market your content to be more visually appealing? Infographics are the way to go! Learn how to create a eye-catching design to draw in a bigger audience.

5 Sly Ways To Get More Clicks

While you need more than just a click of a mouse for an audience member to be useful to your business, it is a place to start. Check out the tools offered to drive more traffic to your blog.

How To Make Surveys and Polls Useful But Fun

Getting feedback from your audience is important for two reasons: you can make them feel involved and they offer valuable insights for improvements. Learn about the different ways that social media platforms offer tolls for polls and surveys.

What Don’t You Know?

Because of the pressure to produce results, marketers have a tendency to rush the process to get content out there. Take a moment to slow down to create marketing plan thinking about key areas and what are facts and what are assumptions.