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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – April 8 Edition

3 Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

Like with most platforms, Instagram has analytics to find out how people are responding to your content. This information can help you stay relevant and build a strong following.

How to Customize Your Social Media Inbox on Your Smartphone

Do your smartphone for most of your social media organization? Ensure you’re staying organized with these tips and tricks.

5 Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Calendar (And How to Make One)

Having a marketing calendar is vital to your success, keeping you and your content organized.

Powerful Storytelling Tips to Boost Your Content Marketing

Storytelling is a culture within itself; it helps people relate to one another and can be an effective marketing strategy.

The 10 Most Debated SEO Questions

SEO is constantly evolving but some theories have held through the test of time… Read more to find out the most debated questions in SEO.

Increasing The Interactivity Of Your Site Is A Profitable Idea

Interactivity on websites gives customers a better insight into a brand. Adding these features can boost your credibility and show customers a faster, more professional approach to servicing them.

How Snapchat is Revolutionizing Modern Day Advertising for Nonprofits

Even if you’re not a nonprofit, Snapchat is still paving a new road through Advertising. Find out how to use the platform to your advantage and how it’s changing the face of marketing.

7 Tools to Uncover Customer Needs & Map the Customer Journey to Create Better Experiences

Understanding a customer’s journey can help you to optimize your site and services to meet their needs.