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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – April 22 Edition

Facebook Carousel Content: How to Make Your Posts and Ads Stand Out

Are you trying to put multiple images into your Facebook ads? Check out the Carousel feature on Facebook to apply it to your marketing strategy.

8 Social Tools to Listen and Interact With Customers

The customer experience has evolved since the dawn of social media and with it, customer service expectations. Learn the best ways to communicate with your customers across the different platforms.

Note to the Nearly Half of US Small Business Still Not Mobile Optimized: Get Crackin’

As of February 2016, polls have reported that many small businesses in the US are not mobile optimized. Find out this can hurt your media strategy and why you should make the change today.

5 Branded Content Campaigns You Need to Know

Looking at what others are doing right with their strategy can help you to build yours. Here are five brands that are seeing great success with their media strategy.

So You’ve Decided To Use Social Media

Having social media accounts is a start, but in order for it to really make a difference to your business plane, you need a plan and an audience.

YouTube Adds 360-Degree Live Streaming, Spatial Audio

This past Monday, YouTube announced that 360-degree streaming and audio would be new technology added to YouTube. This feature will make viewing videos on the channel more realistic, almost like being in the moment.

Facebook Messenger Bots’ Struggles Are Good for Facebook… and for Business

Messenger for business is a brand new idea, and with every change there are bound to be growing pains. The good news is that once all the kinks have been worked out, Facebook messenger bots will be beneficial to all that use it.

Prep Work For Your Social Media Business Presence

There are several things to think about when bringing your brand to social media. Be sure to have a plan in place with starting this new endeavor, that way you can get them most for your efforts.