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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – April 15 Edition

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Search Visibility

Are you trying to improve your search rankings? Find out how your activity on social media platforms can help you to be seen more in a search engine’s results.

Facebook Goes Big Into Live Video | Social You Should Know

Facebook Live has been updates to include more interactive features and discover more live video. Twitter secured free live-streaming video of NFL games… and more. Find out what’ s been happening in the world of social media.

A Simple Exercise to Help You Write Effective Sales Copy

Is your sales copy lacking? Trying these simple tips and incorporating them into your marketing strategy can help deliver your desired results.

How To Blog Differently in Three Easy Steps

As heard time and time again, it is crucial for your blog to stand out in the sea of Internet content to bring followers. Consider these three steps to stand apart.

3 Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

With a reexamination of the expected trends for 2016, find out what trends are taking off and how you can join in on the success.

Why TOMS Shoes Is The Leader of Conscious Marketing

TOMS is a strong brand in the world market because they combined a cause with their sales tactics. What can you learn from their tactics?

Telegram Beefs Up Its Bot Platform

Competition to Facebook Messenger, Telegram has added more bots to the platform in order to keep up with Facebook. These new interactive features make it possible for users to add MP3s, stickers, animations and more into their chats.

20+ Social Media Hacks and Tips From the Pros

Looking to try something new and switch up your techniques on social media? Here are some new ideas to try.