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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 5/19/17 Edition

The Twitter Algorithm: What You Need to Know to Boost Organic Reach

It’s easy for your tweet to get lost in the feed when there’s approximately 143,199 tweets being sent in a single second! Continue reading to learn more about the twitter algorithm to help increase your organic reach. 

12 Little Known Instagram Hacks Brands Must Try

With all the new features added to Instagram, it’s important for businesses to learn how to incorporate them in their marketing strategy to stay on top of their game. Check out these 12 hacks to help you increase your traffic and bring awareness to your business. 

3 Ways to Master Social Media Content Marketing

Creating content that attracts your viewers is key to gaining consistent traffic and building your reach. Here are the secrets from great writers and business leaders on how they make their online content and social media memorable. 

5 Key Steps to Creating an Instagram Strategy that Converts

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media tools to help grow a business. In order to take advantage of this platform you will need to have a well thought out strategy. Take a look at these key steps to build yourself an effective content strategy. 

How to Promote Your Blog Posts Using Social Media: A Guide for Marketers 

Using social media properly to share your blog content can help increase the traffic to your blog page. Check out these helpful tips on how to successfully cross promote your blogs across all social media channels.