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Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 4/14/17 Edition

How to Amplify Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing can be a successful business strategy when use correctly. Continue reading to see how to attract viewers, drive engagement, and increase your Pinterest exposure! 

Social Media vs. SEO: Which is the Best Traffic Source?

Social media and organic search traffic are usually the top two channels that drive traffic back to websites. However, it can be difficult for businesses to find the time to focus on both….So which source is the best? Click the link to find out! 

10 New Social Media Updates You Need To Know

A lot has changed in the social media world every since we said goodbye to 2016. Take a look at these top 10 social media updates that you might have missed from Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. 

How Much Should You Invest in Content Marketing?

If you want to attract new traffic and build your brand then content marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy. However, some are unsure on what content marketing strategy to use and how much to invest. If this sounds like you then read further for tips on what to do before moving forward. 

7 Tips to Optimize Your Instagram Brand Profile

Instagram is one of the top competitive platforms in the social media world so it’s important to make sure you are using your profile to its’ highest potential. Check out these seven tips to ensure your profile is optimized for maximal reach and engagement.