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Lindsay Dicks’ Weekly SEO/ SMM Alert — September 11 Edition

Periscope: Everything You Need To Know

Periscope is a new addition to the social media world. Learn about what Periscope is, how it works, and how you might be able to use it for your business.


How To Get Your Emails Opened and Read

In this episode of The Marketing Huddle , experts discuss the best tactics to get your emails opened AND read by subscribers.


Which Social Media Metrics Really Matter

A survey amongst 55 social media experts revealed the most important metrics to consider when creating your posts.


Why Clever Content Marketing Can Be A Huge Mistake

While some clever campaigns are catching the attention of subscribers, many become background noise in the masses. Find out the biggest mistake that many "clever" marketers make when trying to "go viral."


Facebook to Small Business: Use Pages Your Primary Mobile Solution

Facebook has introduced updates to make their pages more mobile-friendly- most of these changes are aimed to help small businesses.


5 Ways Social Engagement Trumps Power Counts

While it helps to have a ton of followers on social media, conversations are better for business.


How to Promote Your Business With Personal Social Profiles

Raising awareness for your business is always something to strive for. Learn how to promote yourself on your own personal accounts and highlight your business.


How To Choose the Best Comment System for Your Blog

When you set up a comment section for a blog or website, you should expect to get some spam- but how can you pick the best system for your site?


How to Gain 500 Instagram Followers in 7 Days the Honest Way—Part 2

Learn how to boost your social media strategy on one the fastest growing platforms- Instagram.