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Lindsay Dicks’ SEO and SMM Weekly Alert- September 18 Edition


4 Ways to Promote Your Event With Social Media

Planning an event with your business? Use your social media platforms to boost ticket sales.


Google Delivers Mini-Marketing Lessons In Its New Google Primer App

Google Primer has announced a new app healing you learn about marketing on the go! Full of mini-lessons and different marketing tips, the app helps to onboard new customers of Google Products and services.


The Five Step Path to Social Media ROI Enlightenment

Keeping track of your social ROI is important to your business. The process is simplified to five easy steps.


Here’s How Marketers Can Build On Their “Never-Active” Subscriber Base

Do you have a growing list of subscribers, but not a lot of activity? Here’s how to make your email blasts more engaging.


Four Laws of Twitter Reach: A Super-Quick Strategy for Twitter

Utilizing the these four laws on Twitter can help increase your following.


5 Key Takeaways from Content Marketing World

After attending a conference, this blogger found helpful insights to boost Content Marketing strategies.


Facebook vs Twitter: Which is Better For Your Brand?

When choosing a social media platform,. You have to consider which is going to help you meet your social media goals. Both twitter and Facebook offer value to strategies, but reach different types of audiences- find out which would be best for your business.


8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Video Marketing

Learn the benefits of video content and how it can boost your visibility when promoting your brand.