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Known as The Copy Pimp, Rod Harter Announces the Redesign of Website

Rod Harter, better known as “The Copy Pimp” is a creative freelance copywriter who recently turned to Celebrity Sites®, an online marketing and search engine optimization firm, to redesign the web presence of www.TheCopyPimp.com

Orlando, Fla. – October 23, 2008
– The Copy Pimp helps you reach the goal of writing effective copy with the right message and the right audience. To better assist current and prospective clients, Rod Harter, turned to Celebrity Sites®, Orlando-based Internet marketing, media and public relations firm, to redesign www.TheCopyPimp.com.

“As the Copy Pimp, I help people ‘pimp their marketing.’ The redesign of the website will offer more information to my current and prospective customers on how to increase profit in their business through the use of sales letters and direct mail campaigns,” Rod Harter said. “With the help of Celebrity Sites®, we created an interactive website that showcases samp les of my work and offers special reports, business advice, latest news and much more.”

Celebrity Sites® specializes in creating Online Celebrity Platforms™ and search engine optimization for businesses and offers a proprietary system of tools that turn websites into sales and marketing systems allowing its clients to leverage online content to create new income streams and maximize revenue.

“The new design of www.TheCopyPimp.com has a cleaner look, hiper look! This website is informative for all viewers and offers more opportunity to learn about The Copy Pimp and all he has to offer,” President/CEO Lindsay Dicks said.

About Rod Harter:
Rod Harter has 35 years of business education, including 24 years of marketing and public relations experience with Delta Air Lines. As part of his career, Rod devoted several years of experience in the mortgage and finance industry. He currently owns MagicMan Marketing & Consulting Services. He is an expert at direct response marketing/copywriting techniques.
The Copy Pimp helps you convert prospects into customers, increase website traffic and sales, and eliminate the competition.

About CelebritySites®
CelebritySites® specializes in creating Online Celebrity Platforms™ for business experts. Their unique Online Celebrity Platforms™ are based on the philosophy that people buy people and are designed to be personality driven. Through the use of a proprietary system of tools for marketing, public relations and search engine optimization, they turn websites into sales and marketing machines allowing their clients to leverage online content to create new income streams and maximize revenue. CelebritySites® not only improves website exposure but helps develop brand recognition for their clients. For more information about Dicks Nanton & Glass’ Celebrity Branding Agency or CelebritySites® visit www.celebritybrandingagency.com or www.celebritysites.com.

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