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Is Google+ Going Away?

Upon hearing the news earlier last week, many of our clients reached out to question what’s going on with Google+. To be honest, until Google makes an official statement, everything that has been discussed are likely just speculations. No one is sure if Google+’s death is imminent.

Should I still be using it?

If you’ve found great success with Google+, then by all means keep using it! Several of our clients have a large number of followers that they correspond with regularly on Google+. If this is your case, don’t stop! Continue sharing, LIKE’ing and connecting.

Are there any great alternatives to Google+?

From what we know, Google+ will be going away but will also be turning into other products. Perhaps these products will make the transition easier. We certainly hope that Google Hangouts sticks around but we’ll definitely know more once Google makes the official announcement.

Will this be bad for my site?

Absolutely not. As your social media experts, we will continue to work hard to make your online presence shine. Google+’s disappearance will not make or break that.

Are you a big fan of Google+? We’d love to know how you’ve found it effectively for your business.