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Improve Your Email Open Rates With Mobile-Friendly Formats


As smartphone usage continues to expand, mobile-friendly formats are a necessity for a successful email marketing campaign.

Recent surveys revealed several eye-opening statistics for anyone and everyone involved in online sales and digital marketing:

  • Among 18-30-year olds polled, 88 percent read emails on mobile devices.
  • Non-mobile friendly formatted emails are deleted by 75 percent of recipients.
  • According to Google, 75 percent of Gmail access their accounts on mobile devices.
  • Mobile email opens grew 180% in three years.
  • Ipad and Iphone users read emails for an average of 0-3 seconds, only.

Movable_Ink_US_Consumer_Device_Preference_Report_Q2_2014 (1)

When you consider the potential amount of your brand’s content consumption impacted by email formatting, the implications are significant enough to make or break your business.

Below are some simple tips to make your emails mobile-friendly & appealing.

  • Avoid using too many images, which are auto blocked by many email vendors.
  • Use large font to ensure that message is easy to read on all screen sizes.
  • Keep your subject line between 20-30 characters to ensure it isn’t cut off.
  • Use emotional and personal words in the opening sentence.
  • Use a person’s name as the sender, not a company name.