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10/02/12 Tuesday Training: How to Tweet @ Someone

When Twitter first started it was mostly a way to put out little bits of information about your or your thoughts. And not much else. Over the years it’s grown into a much more interactive community and thus a great place to jump into to grow your business.

One way to interact on Twitter is known as tweeting "at" someone. It would be the equivalent of standing in a room and saying, "John, I loved your last blog post." But instead of being in a room together, you’re on Twitter together. And instead of typing "John…" you’re typing John’s Twitter handle.

If you’re not familiar, a twitter handle is basically a person’s username on Twitter with the "@" symbol in front of it. Celebrity Branding Agency’s Twitter handle, for example, is @CelebBranding (and no, capitalization does not matter when it comes to Twitter). It’s written in gray font after the title. So be mindful, to tweet at someone you must use their username along with the "@" symbol. Don’t just use the title – the tweet might not work. An example again – the @CelebBranding Twitter has a title of "CelebrityBranding."

So if you wanted to tweet at John and his Twitter handle is @john789 you’d type "@john789 I loved your last blog post." Simple as that! The next time John logs in to Twitter and checks his "Connect" page, he will see your tweet and can easily reply!

There are two other very easy ways to tweet at someone – directly from your feed or on their profile. If you see a tweet in your feed that you’d like to reply to, simply mouse over the tweet. Directly underneath the Tweet will appear the option to "Reply." When you click that, a box will open below the tweet with that person’s Twitter handle automatically already in the box. Just type in what you’d like to say to them and click "Tweet"!

If you’re on someone’s profile and you’d like to Tweet at them, you’ll see right underneath their profile picture Twitter gives you a blank to "Tweet to ______." Again, Twitter has automatically filled in their Twitter handle. Simply compose your tweet and click "Tweet"!

Tweeting at other Twitter users is a great way to get your name out there, build a community and of course, network. Give it a try! Jump on Twitter and tweet at @CelebBranding or another friend just to test it out. In no time at all, you’ll be totally comfortable and totally connected.

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