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How to Target Hispanic Markets on Google & Facebook

hispanic market

If you heard about a strategy that would improve your online ads’ click through rates by 20%, wouldn’t you implement the necessary tactics immediately?

According to a newly -released report from Google you may only need to adjust your ads’ demographic targets to achieve this outstanding improvement.

Google’s report “New Research Shows How to Connect with Hispanics Online” revealed that 66% of U.S. Hispanics surveyed pay attention to online ads, an average nearly 20 percentage points higher than the general online population. Another key insight reveals Hispanic consumers favor online sources over family, radio, and TV to learn about a product they’re considering for a purchase. To the dismay of broadcast and cable executives, Hispanics, which represent America’s fastest-growing demographic, rank online consumer info sources 20 percentage points higher than TV (54% vs. 34%).

Considering the fact that a Hispanic’s preference for web ads is verifiably higher than the average person online, ad campaigns accurately targeted to Hispanics should be more effective than a typical web ad campaign, which should result in higher click through rates at a lower cost per click average.


Within social media and search engine marketing ad platforms you can target particular groups with much more specific qualifiers than TV, print or radio can offer.

Facebook provides targeting that starts with age, gender, location and ethnic affinity, with the ability to drill down to specific categories, including:

  • Family arrangements (Parents with 1 kid, parents with two kids), as well as
  • Purchase habits based on retail data.
  • Favorite Sports they follow.
  • TV shows they watch.
  • Favorite Movies.
  • Favorite Books.

Imagine you sell soccer merchandise featuring teams and players on different Major League Soccer teams located throughout the U.S. With Facebook’s targeting tools, you could create ad campaigns featuring star players on every MLS team, with ads targeted to Hispanic soccer fans in each respective team’s surrounding metro area. For example, below you can see an ad targeted to Hispanic soccer fans in Orlando who are fans of Orlando’s Major League Soccer team, the team’s star player,  international soccer teams and professional soccer:

Hispanic football fans targeted on facebook


While Google AdWords’ search marketing tool doesn’t allow ethnic-specific marketing, it does provide language options to reach Spanish-speaking customers who live in the United. States. According to Google, as long as your customers’ Google interface language settings are set to Spanish, your coffee ads can show when your Spanish language customers search for your keywords. Keep in mind that if your customers searched in Spanish but their Google interface language settings were set to English, your ads wouldn’t show. That’s why targeting all languages might be helpful.

Below is a screenshot of the area in a Google AdWords campaign where you can adjust an ad’s language settings.

google languages

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