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How to Post Your First Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

Do you have strong opinions or valuable insights on key topics in your field of expertise? If so, you should consider adding a Podcast to your marketing plan. Entering this endeavour won’t require many tools or much of your time.


Below are some simple steps to start recording and posting podcasts at a cost lower than $10 total per month.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.12.02 AMStep 1: Write a basic script for the points and topics you want to cover in your podcast.
Step 2: Use a smartphone or the microphone on your computer to record your podcast SoundCloud gives you the choice record straight to their website or upload. (Tip: If you want to upgrade your smartphone’s microphone, you can find lapel mics for iphones on Amazon and Ebay at prices under $3.)
Step 3: Save the audio of your podcast in one of the following file formats:

AAC (Also known as M4A – The default format for the standard voice recorder on smartphones.

Step 4: Sign up for an account with a podcast audio hosting site such as SoundCloud.com. Hosting is free up through the first total 180 minutes of audio. If you plan on uploading podcasts larger than 5 mb or more than than 180 minutes worth of audio total, you may want to consider a Pro plan for $7 a month.

Step 5: Upload your podcast to SoundCloud.com or the audio hosting site of your choice.
After you successfully upload your podcast, make sure to copy the link to the podcast and share it across your social media and your email contacts.

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