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How To Navigate Social Media For Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is a hot topic in regards to internet marketing. However, when you start to break down the components that make this all up, you are going to see that there are strong suits within every single method you can attempt. The only real way to properly navigate the different mediums to decide what will pay off most you?ve got to test. That being said, the following should (hopefully) start you off on the right path. And to quote Guy Kawaski ? Still, do not take my word as gospel. These are my tips, tricks and insights, and I hope they work for you.?

social-media-1405601_960_720Differentiate Your Profile

Make all your profiles the same.

Your personal profile and your business profile need to be mutually exclusive. The biggest mistake that you can make at first, is setting up your page to be a mix of the two. Do not allow them to intermingle unless you want your business to become stifled with personal issues. Learning how to keep both entities separate will allow you to get more market share over time. If you feel that this is not something that you can do, then at least focus on posting personal elements that are not going to interfere with what you?re trying to build. One post could derail months of work, so be careful if you?re going to walk a fine line with your profiles.

Befriend Verified People

Use twitter to tag key players.

Do not just go on a ?friendship? spree. Take your time cultivating the audience that you want to market to. That means that you should not befriend anyone that you cannot verify as being a real person. There?s a lot of bots out there, and some sites are worse than others. Keep in mind that you need to have people that are interested in what you?re doing, your niche, and industry to qualify leads. If you don?t have good leads, then you are going to have to deal with a lot of issues trying to market to the audience that you have. Marketing to bots is no good, and if you have one thousands friends that aren?t interested in what you?re doing, you?ll be wasting your time.

Do Not Buy Friends or Relationships

This is a controversial tip, but it?s absolutely important. Do not purchase your friends, likes, or connect to others for money. If you do this, you could end up losing out on the bigger picture, and the quality of followers and friends will be scraping the bottom of the barrel. There are a lot of companies out there that allow you to purchase influence, but be careful when doing that. If you absolutely have to purchase anything within these realms, make sure that you purchase sponsored listings, advertising, and things that you can verify can help build your business over time.

Use The Site?s Advertising Programs

Every social media site today has an advertising arm that you can take advantage of. Do not dismiss this as a cash grab, because it?s not. If you look at the tools that are in place right now, you are going to find that there are demographic, geographic, and further elements that you can divide and market your business to with ease. This trumps traditional advertising methods because you could pick and choose exactly whom you want to see your ads, and whom you direct your content towards. With as little as $5 you could influence thousands of people within your niche and get a great deal of support for your pages. If you dismiss the advertising options that abound on these pages, you could end up falling short of the bigger picture, and therefore end up isolated or worse, ignored.

Engage The Audience

No matter what size audience you have, make sure that you engage them in conversation, comment on their posts, and do whatever it takes to befriend real people. The biggest issue that you are going to find with social media marketing is ad blindness. People have learned how to look past whatever it is being overtly advertised, and will mark it as spam. You don?t want to get labeled as a spam artist because you could end up getting banned from the profile pages. Instead, take your time getting to know your audience, share their posts, comment, like, and showcase genuine involvement in whatever it is they are working on, and with. If you do this, you?ll find that your posts will start to get more and more traction in time.

Do Not Neglect Your Profiles

One of the worst things that you can do is leave your site dormant. A dormant page will not only lose steam, it will become a page that is no longer relevant to your niche. This happens a lot, and it is hard to regain your stature once you start to decline. Neglecting a profile and not updating for a few days is a death sentence when it comes to social media. It?s imperative that you do not allow your pages to lose out on the traffic, and marketing capabilities that abound. Since social networks run 24 hours a day, and people post at all hours of the day, you will want to figure out a way to stay relevant, post at various times and figure out how to best use your time.

At the end of the day, if you are serious about making moves within social media take your time. The more you know about your audience, and the more selective you are about befriending others, the higher quality your leads will be. Lead generation through social avenues is a great way to build your business, but it?s going to take a bit of effort to get started. Don?t assume that you can master all of this within a short span of time, it?s not possible. It?s going to take some leg work, but it will pay off dividends for sure.