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How To Leverage Content Marketing For Any Website

Look online for what marketers think about content marketing, and I won?t be in the minority when I say that ?content is king.? They say that content is king, and some will argue that it?s just a fraction of the bigger search engine optimization land. The truth of the matter is that if you don?t work with this type of element, you are going to miss out on a lot of the direct traffic that you can get from establishing authority online. When working with updates, your site will fall into a couple of categories. It will either go with the live, and active pages. Or it?s going to diminish and end up with the dormant sites. Dormant websites rarely get moving forward after they are categorized there. Once search engines determine that your page is not getting updated nearly as much as it should, you will end up with a lackluster return on your investment straightway. It?s with that in mind that you should look at how to leverage real contextual updates for the purpose of marketing. Doing this correctly will usher in a great deal of traffic, some of which will be 100% organic and convert well on sales, newsletter signage, and much more.

8316453283_a3d6c4ac2dSetting Up Content Management Systems

The first step that you need to look at is in regards to your website?s overall reach. You absolutely have to set up a content management system, or you will not be able to move forward. If you have a static website today, you need to modify it or at least link to a location where you are going to update often. Setting up a CMS is a matter of looking into how you?re going to format the changes to your site. Will you be including a blog, or will the updates stream into the home page? Will you hose the blog on your domain or will you have a third party element? Can you custom build this or are you going to use software to establish the connections? Whatever the case is, you have to set this up before you can start making moves within the world of content marketing and design.

Onsite Updates

Assuming you?re going to set up your CMS within the pages of your domain, you?ll want to focus on building information in the form of posts that give your audience answers to the top questions. Start answering as many questions as you can within the world of your niche. You may think that this is archaic, or rudimentary, but it?s very important. You want to establish your page early on in terms of authority. Authority modules on the web can mean the difference between ranking #1 for your niche or ranking way below. You don?t want to treat your audience like experts all the time, because some of them aren?t. You want to educate them to make the right decisions, and sprinkle in a call to action here and there in terms of self-promotion.

Keyword Density

As you start to update your pages, make sure that you keep in mind this notion of keyword density. This is in reference to repeating phrases and words within a block of text. It?s the backbone of SEO content updates, and it can make or break your future listings. Some people strive to get density protocol that is upwards of 3% or even 5% in terms of repetition. You want to aim for a limited expansion and formula in this regards. Search engine algorithms are getting a lot better at picking out density that seems to be ?gaming? the system. In order to comply with a good overall standard, keep this below 3% but not to a point where you don?t select keywords to target at all. Make sure that you sprinkle the words into a larger block of text and make sure it helps the meaning of what you?re saying. If the end user looks at your content and sees you making frivolous repetitions, they?ll walk away, and you?ll lose credibility.

Frequency of Updates

The number of times you should update your site depends on your audience. A good rule of thumb starting out is to update your page 2 to 3 times a week. From there, look at the analytics of your page and see whether or not you are getting any traffic for your efforts. If you see that your traffic is not doing so well, or you aren?t getting traction, change up your frequency and spend more time editing and breaking up your posts. The worst thing that you can do here is to double up your posts and have them all ignored. When you start to see some traffic, ask your audience to comment and suggest more topics or ask questions. Make sure that you do not forget about the end user here, because what they experience matters just as much as how they are interacting with your site.

Types of Updates

Content marketing doesn?t relegate itself to just one type of update. In fact, some of the best SEO marketers in the world talk about trying out 15 different types of pages. If you?re stumped as to where to start, consider reviews. Reviewing products, services, and different experiences within the lexicon of your niche could help you start working towards building a bridge between your page and search engine rankings. Once you exhaust this, work on the next option that you can think of, and try to diversify your posting schedule. If you are posting too much of one thing, you?re going to get limited traffic or you?ll bore your audience.

Call In Guests

One of the best things that you can do long term is look into getting guest authors for your site. This can break up the content and create compelling relationships for you to build marketing collateral with. This is also a good opportunity to create updates for other people?s websites and give you a leg up on backlinks and more. From time to time you will need to engage audiences that are beyond the walls of your site, on your quest to master this type of marke