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06/26/12 Tuesday Training: How to Install a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins are prepackaged codes that you can install to add unique features and functions to your WordPress website! Thousands of WordPress Plugins are available to the WordPress community and new Plugins are made every day! However, this information doesn’t do you much good if you don’t know how to install them 🙂

Finding the Right Plugin:

Not all Plugins are beneficial for your website! Here at CelebritySites, I like to provide you with a useful, weekly WordPress Plugin on our blog to make it easy for you! You can also browse through the available Plugins on the WordPress website!

Installing your Plugin Automatically:

To install your Plugin automatically, you must know your hostname, FTP username, FTP password, and your connection type. (FTP just means File Transfer Protocol and it is a way to upload files to your web hosting account.)

When you log into WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New and enter the name of the WordPress Plugin you wish to add. To view additional information about the Plugin and receive installation assistance, click Details under the Plugin name! Then, click Install, which is located directly under the Plugin name.

This is when WordPress asks you to please enter your FTP information to move forward with your Plugin installation. If the WordPress Plugin installs correctly, the resulting screen will ask you to click Activate! Your WordPress Plugin is now active on your WordPress website 🙂

If your Plugin fails to install, WordPress will notify you immediately. You can then try the manual installation method; however, keep in mind that there is a possibility that something may be wrong with your Plugin if it did not install automatically.

To install your WordPress Plugin manually:

First, where you found your WordPress Plugin, click download, and begin downloading the latest version of the Plugin to your computer. Then with an FTP program, access your website’s server. Copy the Plugin file (or folder) to the /wp-content/plugins folder! (I know that was a lot of tech-talk :)) Now, in your WordPress Administration Panel, click on Plugins and your new Plugin should be listed!!

Don’t forget that we do most of the work for you if you read my weekly SEO and SMM alerts!! I will provide you with a new, useful Plugin for your website every week with the link and a description.  Now that you know how to install a WordPress Plugin, you can start taking advantage of customizing your website for your business, making YOU a true CELEBRITY on the web!