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How To Increase Page Views Per Visit Via Internal Links

increase page views

Acquiring new traffic to your site is always a great accomplishment, but it’s only half of the battle for converting visitors into customers.

To ensure your most valuable content reaches the maximum amount of qualified readers, create an internal hyperlinking system that leads your visitors to related content on other pages on your site. In our recent blog post, “Back to the basics, why blogging is important“, we listed many benefits of blogging. Related content linking is an aspect of effective blogging often overlooked by business owners and entrepreneurs.


Image from Moz

Internal hyperlinks don’t just send your visitors to additional pages of your site, they also enable search engine crawlers and “spiders”, to crawl your content and reward contextual relevance on your site by factoring those links into its algorithm for search engine results.

From a search engine optimization and marketing perspective, this area isn’t as valuable as it was several years ago, but it’s still a vital aspect of optimizing your page for Google and other search engines.

Additional Elements to Consider for Increasing Pages Per Visit:

Interactive sidebars: On a side column, feature top-visited pages on your site or customize it to show your most popular posts of the week, month or year.

Teaser images: Another element to consider adding to your pages is an image and/or graphic about a related topic on another page.

online poll example

Image from IndieWire

Link to an Internal Poll: Do you have a question that will intrigue most of your readers? Consider creating a landing page that features a poll, then link to that poll in any and all posts related to the topic of that question.