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How To Improve Conversions On Ad Landing Pages


One of the most important adjustments website administrators can make to their site is to make the process of buying a product or service as easy as possible.

Otherwise, remarkable ads may send visitors to your site, only to see them leave the page without converting.

The old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” applies to web marketing.


No matter how effective your offsite ad is at drawing traffic to your site, the visitor ultimately determines the ad’s impact by either converting or leaving the page without a conversion.

To help you improve your conversion rates, here are some basic guidelines to follow for your landing pages:

1. Find out the most-clicked areas of your page with a heatmap.

Tools such as CrazyEgg.com provide click-tracking tools that display the areas of your site which are most frequently clicked. With this data available, you can gain valuable insight on the areas of your site which are most effective at gaining the attention of your visitors.

2. Put a clear incentive with your call to action.

While some offers are enticing enough on face value to gain a high conversion rate, some offers may need added incentives, such as a free-trail period, free sample or a special discount to earn a conversion.

3. A/B test your CTA’s and compare conversion percentages.

If you have enough control of your site to create multiple landing pages, create campaigns with the same content but different call to action language on different landing pages. At the end of an identical timespan for each campaign, compare and contrast the stats for the different CTA’s. You may realize that the language for one CTA is notably more effective at converting visitors.

4. Create urgency by putting a time limit to your CTA.

While this may be considered one of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook, it’s just as valuable in web marketing as any other media. Without a sense of urgency to respond to your CTA, the visitor to your page may leave your site and never return. This time limit should also be applied to retargeting ads, which can serve as a valuable reminder to the potential customer as they browse other websites, including potential competitors.