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How to Gauge Competitors’ Website Traffic for Free

Track Your CompetitionThanks to free web traffic analytics offered from trackers such as compete.com and similarweb.com, you can see how your site’s number of visitors compares to your top competitors.

For example, let’s say you’re the web administrator NBC’s orlando affiliate TV station: WESH Channel 2. Via sites such as Compete.com, WESH can compare its traffic on WESH.com to one of its top competitors in the Orlando market: CBS’ affilliate WKMG, which is on ClickOrlando.com

Below is an overview of SimilarWeb.com’s analysis of WESH.com vs. Clickorlando.com:Wesh.com Analytics See Traffic Ranking Stats

A look at Compete shows different totals but the same overall traffic trends, with ClickOrlando.com having a stronger November than Wesh.com:

wesh.com 385 320 UVs for November 2015 Compete

wesh.com 385 320 UVs for November 2015 Compete

In case you’re wondering where these tracker derive their traffic numbers, here is an explanation from Compete.com: "Once our multiple data sources are transformed into a cohesive panel, the data is processed daily by employing algorithms and advanced analytics techniques so that our insights are representative of the Internet behavior of the population. The Compete panel’s patented normalization system was developed by leading experts in the fields of marketing, media and data research in 2000 and has evolved to lead the industry in behavioral insights over the past decade. The process is updated continuously to account for changes in the evolving digital world in areas such as consumer demographics, behaviors, Internet technologies, data collection methods, and device usage."

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While the numbers aren’t 100% exact, they are a reliable long-term metric to gauge the most vital trends within your industry. Professional versions of these trackers include deeper analysis in areas such as paid keyword ads, search display ads, etc. Regularly scheduled review of this data will provide actionable insights to adjust your marketing efforts.