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How to connect with Snapchat followers

In 2012, two college students created Snapchat at Stanford University. Since it?s debut, Snapchat has reached an audience of over 100 million viewers and is continually growing every day with users that include presidential candidates, celebrities, and your average Joe.

As an entrepreneur, Snapchat can be a powerful tool to connect with a wider audience- especially if your target demographic is tech-savvy or in the millennial generation. Here are some ways to add a new people to your audience on Snapchat:

  1. Add by username.

Open Snapchat on your mobile device ?it?s compatible on both iOS and GooglePlay platforms. Tap ?Add Friends,? which will take you to a screen where you can search by Username. Type in the user you want to find and tap the add plus sign.

  1. Add by Snapcode.SEO June 3

To make adding friends even easier, Snapchat created codes for each user and it?s located on your home screen. Take a screenshot of your Snapcode and upload it to your social media sites and add it to web content. Anyone who has a picture of the code can add you directly to his or her friends list.

To add another user by Snapcode, take a picture of their code and through the ?Add friends? menu, you will see an ?Add by Snapcode? option. It will take you to your camera roll and select the Snapcode that you wish to add and tap ?Add Friend.?

Even easier than that, you can Snapcodes by opening Snapchat, point the camera at a Snapcode and tap and hold to automatically add the user.

  1. Post your Snaplink on your social media channels. Just like every user has a unique Snapcode, every user also has a Snaplink. Your Snaplink is simply snapchat.com/add/yourusername (for example, the Buzzfeed Snaplink would be snapchat.com/add/ Buzzfeed.) When someone is on their smartphone and opens the link to your Snaplink, the Snapchat app will automatically open and add that person.
  1. Try the Ghostcode app! Named for the Snapchat ghost mascot, Ghostcode is an app that can be used specifically to find like users on Snapchat. To make an account, download the app ? it?s available on iOS and GooglePlay platforms. You?ll be prompted to fill out your personal information and add your Snapcode. On Ghostcode, you can also add your interests, industry trends, and other content that will help you connect with a potential audience member. Next select a category for your account- be sure to select one that fits best with the content you will be posting on Snapchat. For example, a brand like Sephora would select the category of Beauty or Fashion as a category. From there, your home screen will show potential users to follow and engage with, all related to the interests you?ve provided. You?re also able to search through Ghostcode with a keyword search.

Snapchat is a great way to humanize your brand! It offers the opportunities to show a behind the scenes look as well as connect with millions, as it?s popularity continues to grow everyday.