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How to Add Captions to Facebook Videos

During the past year, natively-uploaded videos gained significant popularity on Facebook as businesses and individuals noticed demonstrably higher engagement with followers compared to embedded YouTube video links.

In response to the viewing preference, social media marketers have been adapting tactics to distinguish their native videos apart from the steady addition of new videos posted by other pages competing for attention. Native videos in Facebook’s newsfeed autoplay on mute. As a result, more Facebook page administrators and marketers are adding captions to their native videos. Captions appease Facebook users who can digest video content with minimal effort.

Below is a guide to adding captions to your own native uploaded videos on Facebook.


  • Open a text editor or online converter such as 3playmedia’s caption converter http://www.3playmedia.com/services-features/free-tools/captions-format-converter/
  • Write the cue number: The order where your sentence will appear. The first sentence will be one, the second sentence will be 2, etc.
  • Enter the timespan The timespan format is laid out accordingly: hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds – I.E.: 00:00:01,000 –> 00:00:010,000 would indicate a duration spanning between the first full second and the tenth second of your video.
  • Enter the Verbiage for the sentence: If you wanted the phrase "We Are Social Media Management Professionals." to appear in the first cue for the full duration between the 1 second mark and 10-second mark, here’s how you would type that in your SRT script:

00:00:01,000 –> 00:00:010,000
We Are Social Media Management Professionals

  • Enter the Verbiage for the following sentence in the same format until you have completed your caption script.