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How Fit Is Your Social Media?

socialfitA recent Huffington Post article compared the use of social media to a physical fitness regimen and the comparison is particularly apt. In order to be successful with a fitness program, you have to consistently and consciously put forth the effort long before reaping any benefits, and the same is true for social media.

Just as one aerobics class or a salad for lunch is not going to magically remove years of unhealthy habits from your body, neither is tweeting for a week or setting up a Google+ page going to magically double your site traffic or sales.

According to the article:

"This instant gratification mentality is certainly the pervasive attitude of many entrepreneurs as they dive into social media marketing. When, after a couple of weeks of sporadic tweeting, random Facebook shares, and an occasional Google+ post fails to catapult them into the next tax bracket, they’re often left feeling bewildered, because despite their most Herculean efforts, they inexplicably have not been able to garner more than a few likes, retweets, and followers.

The inevitable conclusion: Social media does not work.

  • I tried Google+. Nothing happened.

  • I tweeted like mad last week. Why didn’t my sales double?

  • I changed my profile picture on LinkedIn and I’m still unemployed. What gives?

What gives? This is what gives:

The one ingredient that keeps people from reaching their social media goals is the same ingredient missing in most fitness plans: consistency.

Social Media is not a short-term tactic; it is not a quick-fix method you can employ to drive instant sales; and it definitely is not something that “works” when it is dabbled with inconsistently. For social media to be effective for you and your business, you need to change your mindset. Simply put: Social media is a lifestyle."

The article goes on to describe the main areas to which you want to consistently apply effort in order to make social media work for you including the frequency with which you post,  the consistency of your messaging, how well you connect all of your efforts together and making sure that you are using social as a two-way channel, engaging with your followers rather than talking at them.

I would further expand the analogy by adding that you should also embark on any social endeavor just as you would a fitness program; set up milestones to hit and goals to achieve from the start.  Create a schedule and stick to it no matter how tired or busy you are and take time out every once in a while to sit back and celebrate your successes.

And if creating and maintaining your social presence just isn’t for you?  Not to worry! Unlike personal fitness, social media can be outsourced. We’d love to talk with you about your options.  Be sure to contact us today!