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Google / Twitter Fusion Signals Major Changes Ahead For SEO

Google Twitter

How often do you tweet?

To the average business owner or self-employed entrepreneur, your answer may seem trivial, but it’s more important than ever, thanks to a major incentive from Google.

When an agreement between Google and Twitter was signed last February, web marketers speculated about the impact of a social/search fusion of the leading giants in their respective arenas. Earlier this month, Google gave us a sneak preview when it displayed search engine results for the Manny Pacquiao/ Floyd Mayweather boxing match with Tweets incorporated within the top-ranking search results.

Examples of Google Search / Twitter integration.

Below are some screenshot examples of Tweets appearing in Google search results.

Google results with Tweets

Social Media Impact of Google Search / Twitter Fusion

You may be wondering how this alliance will impact your social media marketing tactics. From the social media specialist’s perspective, the Google/Twitter search/social alliance not only signals another likely nail in the coffin of Google Plus, it also opens doors for additional exposure in an area where you may not have enjoyed much success in the past: search engine results. The Google/Twitter fusion may not be a “Silver Bullet” for SEO, but it could provide a nice shot in the arm for social media users who know how to capitalize on related topics with relevant context presented at when those topics are trending.

How Trending Topics Can Work in Your Favor

With the right strategy in place, your business can utilize trending topics to attract new visitors thanks tweets within Google search results. Imagine your business is an online store for dog grooming products. One day when you login into your Twitter account, you notice that the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show and the first-place-winning-beagle named “Sam” are both trending topics on Twitter, trending with the hashtagged phrases: “#WKCDogShow” and “#SamTheBeagle”

To capitalize on these topics that are directly relevant to your business, you tweet about the #WKCDogShow with a link to your store’s grooming products & mention your products used on #SamTheBeagle.

Your Tweet:

“ReTweet this if Your Pup is as Cute as #SamTheBeagle at #WKCDogShow
Get the Same Combs Used by Sam’s Groomer at http://bitly.com/12345″

Should your tweet end up among the most popular (Retweeted) tweets for the either of the trending topics, your site could appear among the top Google search results for “WKC Dog Show” or “Sam the Beagle at WKC dog show.” The top-ranking search result would undoubtedly result in an influx of qualified, new visitors to your site, who wouldn’t have discovered your store prior to the Google/Twitter fusion.

SEO Impact of Google Search / Twitter Fusion

Whether you consider yourself a Search Engine Optimization expert or you’re the average Google search user, the Google/Twitter fusion will eventually change your experience with Google searches. From the SEO-specialist’s viewpoint, the melding of search and social opens a Pandora’s box that will make a volatile industry more erratic, and difficult to predict.

Consider your typical web search today, then imagine a future where a Google search results page with top-ranking results impacted in real time by the most relevant recent Tweets. This potential scenario presents an intimidating challenge for any SEO Specialist or web marketer to consider. In the world of combined search engine / social media results, the usual methods for raising your website’s rankings will either be rendered useless or require much more time from you or your marketing department. In the dog grooming store example, a major retail pet store such as PetCo or PetSmart’s top ranking for “dog grooming combs” could be temporarily leapfrogged by a small business, or vice versa.

CEO’s Offer Few Details on Proportion of Results w/ Tweets in Future

By this point, you’re likely asking two questions: 1. When will the Google/Twitter fusion become more noticeable? 2. Will it impact every search? Unfortunately, there aren’t any concrete answers. When the impact of Google/Twitter alliance was mentioned during a Twitter conference call on company earnings back in January, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was asked about the practical impact on the user interface.

According to SearchEngineLand.com, Costolo told everyone on the conference call:

“We’ve got the opportunity now to drive a lot of attention to and aggregate eyeballs, if you will, to these logged-out experiences, topics and events that we plan on delivering on the front page of Twitter. And that’s one of the reasons this makes a lot more sense for us now.”

Earlier this month, when Google was asked the same question regarding the presentation of search results with Tweets included, a spokesperson for the tech giant admitted to recently bringing Twitter’s “real-time content” to certain Google search results, but they remained ambiguous about the details of the next phase of their plans, saying they didn’t have more announce at this point.

Conclusion: To Prepare for the Google/Twitter Merge: Blog and Produce Social Media Content as if Your Search Engine Rankings Already Depend on it.

Whether Google waits a few weeks or a few months until it increases implementation of Tweets into search engine page results, you and your company should already be planning to increase your blogging production as well as your of Facebook, Twitter social media posts which utilize key phrases and commonly questions associated with your speciality, service, craft, field of expertise and/or industry. Without a proactive approach to this shift, you may find yourself scrambling to catch up with competitors who devoted more time to Twitter.