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Google’s New First Page Ranking Criteria

Last week Google announced that they are once again changing their ever mysterious, ever changing, "algorithm " by which they assign their top rankings.

The change in the algorithm places significant weight on new information. So what does this mean? Those outdated, static, brochure-looking websites will be just that… outdated!

This is why, as the Wall Street Journal reported, " A search for a celebrity would show recent news about the person as opposed to their website."

So how do you stay with the trend?

Dynamic content: blogs, articles and press releases.

All of these content driven systems can be updated regularly. Not only do they help to show your expert status, but they give Google the new content they’re looking for. You can also take these posts one step further and book mark your blogs through social media sites, syndicate your articles through article syndication sites and submit your news to press release syndication sites automatically creating links backs to your site, as well as traffic, and of course, ultimately converting them to a signup on your mailing list, which you can then market to later. But that’s another conversation for another day!

Either way, with Google’s recent announcement it is imperative that you stay with the trends and have one, if not all, of these features on your site. If you’re looking for a great blog platform, checkout WordPress, it’s the best blog platform out there and has a ton of capabilities. To see some examples of some of full websites built on wordpress and all it’s capabilities visit https://www.celebritysites.com/portfolio/.