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For Social Media Image Uploads – One Size Does Not Fit All

Today’s world of rapid communication prompts many marketers and business owners alike to fall for the temptation of syncing multiple social media accounts. Social media syncing may seem like an efficient time-saver, the long-term costs of posting un-tailored content from one platform far outweigh the short-term benefit of convenience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.04.44 PMOne of the most glaring differences between Facebook and Twitter is the 140 character-count limit for Twitter, but that’s just one of several areas where social media networks differences are too vital to ignore.

In 2015, graphics and photos are the most essential elements in social media for generating engagement with your post. Unfortunately, a photo upload on Facebook will appear differently in Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn unless the photo is custom-sized to match the specs for image uploads on each of those respective social networks.

How does that impact you? If you don’t adjust your image size to Twitter’s specs, Twitter will chop off your Facebook-spec-friendly photo at the top and the bottom, and LinkedIn will chop it off from the sides.

Below is a list of links to find ideal sizes for your images on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Facebook: Image size specs are listed on its "Sharing Best Practices for Websites & Mobile Apps" page HERE.

LinkedIn: Image size specs are listed on its help center page, HERE.

Twitter: Image size specs are listed under the helpful tips section of its photo card page, HERE

Since updates are made on a regular basis, your best bet is to check back on these sizes regularly to ensure you’re following the latest guidelines.