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Find Info About Your Site’s Visitors’ Habits & Interests Via Google Analytics

Quality Content production is a key for every webmaster who wishes to keep current website visitors loyal while attracting new visitors.

One of the most valuable pieces of data on your website’s visitors is their top interests, whether it’s for entertainment, product information or news. Fortunately, Google Analytics’ provides visitor data in two crucial categories: Affinity categories and In-Market segments.

  • Affinity Categories identifies users in terms of lifestyle; for example, Technophiles, Sports Fans, and Cooking Enthusiasts. These categories are defined to be similar to TV audiences.

Affinity category

  • In-Market Segments identifies users in terms of their product-purchase interests. Customers who are researching products and actively considering buying a service or product like those you offer. In-market audiences are available to advertisers in all AdWords languages.

in market segment

Let’s say you’re an admin for a website comparable to Living Social, with discounts to local restaurants, events and shops. Imagine how much you would value the data provided in the two examples from Google.

  1. Affinity Category: Movie theater discounts, concerts and digital photography classes would likely be popular pages, according to the affinity category breakdown pictured below.
  2. In-Market Segment Takeaway: According to the data, many of your visitors are seeking employment, and many others are seeking dating services. Since your site offers discounts, and the affinity data indicates many movie lovers, one idea for an ideal post would be a package for a "Discounted dinner and a movie date night."

The big question: "Where does this data come from?"

According to Google, the data comes from the third-party DoubleClick cookie (for web traffic) and from anonymous identifiers for mobile apps (i.e., Advertising ID for Android and IDFA for iOS).

How to setup demographics and interest in Google Analytics:

  1. Enable Advertising Features for your property,
  2. Enable the Demographics and Interests reports for the view.

Conclusion: If you have Google Analytics, but you have yet to explore In-Market segments or Affinity Categories, be sure to enable both of these advertising features so you can access this treasure trove. If you have yet to install Google Analytics, make it a top priority to either install it yourself or have an expert install it for you.