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Famous Voice-Over Talent, Susan Berkley, Announces the Redesign of Website

President of The Great Voice Company, Susan Berkley, turned to Celebrity Sites®, an online marketing and search engine optimization firm, to redesign the web presence of www.GreatVoice.com.

Orlando, Fla. October 13, 2008– The Great Voice Company teaches you how to become a confident speaker for any situation and offers the resources to be successful in the voice-over talent industry. To better assist current and prospective clients, Susan Berkley, turned to Celebrity Sites®, Orlando-based Internet marketing, media and public relations firm, to redesign www.GreatVoice.com.

“Having a confident and clear voice is important is all parts of life. Whether you are a part of the voice-over industry or struggling with public speaking, The Great Voice Company can help by offering different resources. Our new platform will offer special reports on public speaking, monthly newsletters, upcoming events and more,” Susan Berkley, president of The Great Voice Company said. “With the help of Celebrity Sites®, we are able to improve the functionality of our website as another outlet for public speaking advice, and maintain relationships with current clients.”

Celebrity Sites® specializes in creating Online Celebrity Platforms™ and search engine optimization for businesses and offers a proprietary system of tools that turn websites into sales and marketing systems allowing its clients to leverage online content to create new income streams and maximize revenue.

“We worked with Susan to redesign www.GreatVoice.com in order command a larger audience by making it more dynamic with more opportunity for customer interaction,” Lindsay Dicks, managing partner of Celebrity Sites®, said. “The new web presence will maintain its current client base, but also attract prospective customers.”

About The Great Voice Company:
The Great Voice Company was founded by Susan Berkley, voice of AT&T and author of “Speak To Influence: How To Unlock The Hidden Power Of your Voice”. Susan Berkley is one of the most listened to voices in America with companies like AT&T, Land Rover, Dunkin’ Donuts, IBM and Citibank. She was also featured on Donald Trump’s Apprentice behind-the-scenes as a speaking skills coach. Susan has been featured on ABC News, CNBC, To Tell The Truth, and in The New York Times, The LA Times and Business Week.

The Great Voice Company offers the resources to break into the voice-over industry through special reports and mini-courses. It also provides assistance with improving your speaking voice and teaching you how to project persuasively and with confidence to command the attention of the entire room. For more information about The Great Voice Company, please visit www.GreatVoice.com.

About CelebritySites®
CelebritySites® specializes in creating Online Celebrity Platforms™ for business experts. Their unique Online Celebrity Platforms™ are based on the philosophy that people buy people and are designed to be personality driven. Through the use of a proprietary system of tools for marketing, public relations and search engine optimization, they turn websites into sales and marketing machines allowing their clients to leverage online content to create new income streams and maximize revenue. CelebritySites® not only improves website exposure but helps develop brand recognition for their clients. For more information about Dicks Nanton & Glass’ Celebrity Branding Agency or CelebritySites® visit www.celebritybrandingagency.com or www.celebritysites.com.