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Facebook "Likes"

If you are on Facebook, you may have seen a change this week. No longer are you a "fan" of a company fan pages (such as our social media agency fan page for CelebritySites), now you "like" them. Not to worry, for users and fan pages, there is really no change in the functionality of the button, "liking" a fan page still allows the page to push the same content to your news feed. So why the subtle change, why fix what ain’t broke?

For Facebook, this is another step toward its plan to create an Internet-wide "like" button. Yep, much like the button Facebook users have become accustom to using to like a friends post, video or pictures, we will soon see a "like" button on public sites. This seemingly competitive move against Digg and other such sites may be a dream come true for social media marketing. Since so many people already have active Facebook accounts, this move would allow publishers to connect content to Facebook networks with the simple click of a "like" button.

The plan is just getting started for now… but we shall soon see more.