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Facebook Instant Articles

On February 18, Facebook introduced the concept of Facebook Instant Articles: a new platform that will be available to all content publishers starting in April. What makes a you a content publisher on Facebook? Publishers include social media marketers, bloggers, as well as big publishing companies such as BuzzFeed or NBCNews.

Publishers will be able to distribute articles and content with different interactive developments, including auto-play videos, interactive maps, and tap-to-zoom image display. One of the major goals for Facebook Instant Articles is in the name: instant. This technology is developed to be quicker on a mobile platform and gives the readers the ability to immerse themselves into the story.

Instant Articles will be available to add on WordPress as a new plugin called "Simple Facebook Instant Articles." It is optimized for faster mobile performance and a customizable visual display. The Instant Articles plugin uses a standardized markup language to apply different interactive functionality to the posts. With this plugin, the articles will be viewable on iPhones and Android devices exclusively and will be easier than ever to share articles across a mobile platform.

Here’s what you need in order to have to be ready for Facebook Instant Articles:

  1. A Facebook page and Facebook page app to preview your content.
  2. An RSS Feed to help you automate content publishing to Facebook Instant Articles.
  3. A minimum of 50 articles to submit to Facebook for approval into the program. Approval is based on the style of content and how the design fits into the article layout and the markup elements of Instant Articles. Learn more
  4. Facebook Business Manager, in case you are ever in need of support on the site. Without the Manager, you won’t have direct access to the support.

What makes Facebook Instant Articles different? For starters, publishers are in complete control of their articles, can sell ads on their content and keep that revenue, as well as leverage their own analytical tools. Best of all, Facebook Instant Articles load much faster than adding a link to a post. On the average mobile, it would take at least 8 seconds for the post to load. Facebook Instant Articles load instantly, as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.

One of the best ways to find out if Facebook Instant Articles will work for you and your content is try it out! By signing up at Facebook, you can learn more about Instant Articles Publishing and how it could benefit you.